Sebo jewellery came to life as a mix between passion for creation and love for beauty. 

Kasia, a mother of two boys and the hands behind Sebo, creates her pieces from start to finish in her studio in Melbourne. Every piece of jewellery is handmade and hand finished.

The name Sebo is a very intimate tribute for Kasia’s brother (and best friend) who passed away suddenly in 2007. The love she had for him and for creativity led her to start this journey. And she’s been making jewellery ever since.

Her goal is to create pieces of jewellery that aren’t only a pretty thing. The goal is to make them something that you will love forever, something that you can pass along through generations and something that will bring joy. Every piece is made with love and every client is as cherished by Kasia as the piece they receive will be cherished by them.